Flash You and Me is an underwear brand that was founded in 2013. Our products are made from quality organic cotton, soft lace and fine tulle. We cater to our customer's every little need, so you can order custom items.

Flash You and Me encourages you to explore your sensual side. Share a special moment with your significant other while wearing matching couple’s underwear with fun prints or get a boost of confidence in our sexy lace lingerie.

They say that sex sells. But it is sensuality that brings you true satisfaction. We make lingerie that is seductive but also comfortable to wear. We only use quality materials, so that your skin breathes in summer heat and is kept warm in cooler weather.

We take pride in our playful design that has become synonymous with Flash You and Me. The brand’s creative director Līva Šteina has more than ten years of experience in fashion design. She has founded several clothing lines that have triumphed in local contests and are praised by our customers.

What sets us apart from other underwear brands, you may ask. No matter how big we grow, we will always take custom orders, because customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Flash You and Me originates from Latvia and all items are produced locally. However, we strive to be a global brand and will ship your order to any country in the world.